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Our Staff and Affiliates

NMC Staff Members

Michele Lueders, Executive Director 
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Sandy Edler, Director of Mediation
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Jeanne Kocher, Mediation Coordinator
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Christine Basque-Malloy, Restorative Justice Coordinator 
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Our affiliates are a diverse group coming from many different educational backgrounds and personal experiences.

Mediators Trained in Basic, Family and Specialized Alternative Dispute Resolution

Bethany Allen
Beth Benjamin Alvarado
Liz Bisson
Patti Brady
Neely Fedde Salem
Deziree Medina
Kim Mitchell
Kim Rech
Keri Matschullat
Cindy Tierney
Paula Welke

Apprentice Affiliate Mediators

Kelly Cole
Nicole Drozd
Araceli DeAnda
Stephanie Jensen
Samuel LaPlante
Cynthia Scott
Teri Wendel