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Mediation is a professional, fair, and neutral process whereby an impartial third-party mediator helps to facilitate the outcome of a dispute between individuals or groups.

A Mediator can be expected to facilitate communication, promote understanding and focus the parties on their goals and interests. The mediation process adds an element of “creative problem solving” to enable the parties to determine the results.

“Mediation” is different from “litigation.” In Litigation, each party appeals to the court system to determine the result of the dispute through a trial or series of hearings. A successful mediation generally requires a fraction of the time and cost of a litigated dispute and keeps the parties in more control of the final outcome.

Mediation works well in a variety of situations including family disputes, divorce, property or parenting issues. Mediation can also be used to settle business or community disputes. Mediation is affordable, timely, convenient, private and effective.