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Become a Mediator

In order to be accepted as a mediator for a mediation center, which is approved by the Office of Dispute Resolution, a candidate shall successfully complete a basic mediation training program, be approved by the director of the mediation center as a proficient mediator, agree in writing to abide by the terms of the Manual of Standards of Ethics for Center Mediators, Directors and Staff, and fulfill apprenticeship requirements.

The basic training program consists of the following components:

  1. The basic mediation training is arranged by the Office of Dispute Resolution. Candidates are chosen by center directors to attend training based upon an application and/or interview process.
  2. The basic training program consists of 30 hours of training, which includes two or more simulated mediation sessions in which candidates receive feedback from trainers and coaches.
  3. Training includes the theory and process of mediation, communication skills, neutrality, agreement writing and ethics. Training also includes recognizing and dealing with issues of bias.

Skills Necessary to Become a Mediator

Some of the skills required for competency as a mediator include:

  • Ability to listen, identify and separate issues.
  • Ability to use clear, neutral language in speaking and writing.
  • Commitment to honesty, dignified behavior, and ability to maintain control of a diverse group.
  • Ability to convert positions into needs and interests.
  • Ability to help parties assess the need for more formal information and to refer to additional resources when appropriate.